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9.3 x 74R


Prvi Partizan has in its production a wide assortment of old cartridges originally introduced between the XIX and XX centuries.

This year, for the first time, PPU is presenting 9.3 x 74R. This cartridge was first adopted in 1900 by the Germans. The case is rimmed bottleneck that fits a .365 bullet on .387 necks.

The 9.3 x 74R was designed as a medium bore cartridge and is used for drilling, single shot and double shot rifles. This cartridge was designed for the hunting of big game, such as black bears, polar bears, wild boars, red stags and moose.

Funs of this caliber can get the PPU cartridge with a 285gr SP bullet which provides uniform mushrooming and good penetration.
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45 -70 Government

"Old solder never die", and apparently neither do old military cartridges. The .45-70 has been with us for over 100 years and is still very much alive.

As a short range woods or brush cartridge for anything from deer to grizzly bear, the .45 - 70 will still hold its own with most of our more modern developments. Its greatest fault is in the matter of a rather curved trajectory that makes it difficult to place shots beyond about 150 yards with any certainty.

Unfortunately, the U. S. Springfield and most of the other black powder rifles won't stand pressures over 25.000 psi or so, and this prevents the use of heavy loads of smokeless powder.

In late model 86 Winchester or other smokeless powder rifles, the .45 - 70 can be loaded to deliver very impressive knockdown on our heaviest species of big game.

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